Magcon Imagines — Imagine: Your dating Nash and when you went to…

Magcon Imagines — Imagine: Your dating Nash and when you went to…

Pregnant imagine. I have others saved on my ipod, but I’m going to post thi Read You’re Pregnant!! So imagine then, that your support person, like in Sarah We imagine it will be like two moms and two dads all raising our families together. Btw I love your imagines!! A collection of one-shots written by me for the Imagine WWE blog on tumblr. I really hope you guys enjoyed this imagine video!

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You stood on the sidelines, your hair in a high ponytail, a big bow in it. Your were wearing your sweatpants, fighting against the chilly weather. You saw your boyfriend run up and down the field, getting tackled. You flinched;You always hated him getting tackled, you were scared he would get hurt. You sighed in relief when he rose, cheering with the rest of your squad as your coach called off your favorite cheer.

You turned back around, searching for your boyfriend in the crowd of football players. You found his number, just as he got tackled to the ground, hard.


Tell me if you guys prefer long ones or short ones like these. The long ones take a bit longer to write and are more spread out. Ok enjoy. Xoxoxo How he kiss you.

he says, “but you will go on a date with me?” Cameron- You had a lot of fun at magcon. You were super tired when you got him though.

Your dating Nash and when you went to visit him all the boys flirt with you and tease you. Later on when you retreat to your room and the boys give Nash their revenge with a water bottle. I personally like writing them because 1, I enjoy writing them and 2, they brought me happiness. They tell you to do what makes you happy, well this makes me happy. Note: Hey! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it!

Magcon dating imagines

Being Hayes Grier’s girlfriend is not easy. I mean its the hate. With Hayes being the youngest of the group. Fans are more harsh. You’ll will spend hours laying in your room reading the hate. Then it gets to you.

Enough so speed dating abidjan cote that haskel is just for fun quiz vragen sep 73 old magcon preference: 44 imagines preference: from pinterest.

Bae don’t know I exist. You were standing in between Nash and Carter as you watched Cameron and the rest of the cast stand on the red carpet, smiling for the pictures. You see, you, cameron, the Magcon boys, as well as Sammy, Nate, and Jacob were the only ones who knew about your secret relationship. You were originally just a close friend of Cameron until he finally confessed his feelings.

But it was getting harder and harder for you to sit back and watch Cameron flirt with girls non stop right in front of you and you not being able to say a damn thing. You looked over to see Nash rubbing your back slightly. You sighed before nodding and wrapping your arm around his waist as he wrapped his around your shoulder. Look this way! When you walked inside, you felt like crying.

Cameron was with Lia again, them both giggling. You knew he had to please management by not giving you too much attention but at the same time you felt he was showing a Little too much effect towards Lia for your liking.

Who is your MagCon baby daddy?

Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan are two brothers born in They are currently signed to AwesomenessTV , and have been since He is not dating anyone currently. Sep 10, – OK. Clevver News , views.

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I was so pissed. You know, awkward silences and all that stuff. I promise it will be the last time I do something like this. He nodded enthusiastically, grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the restaurant. Matt immediately recognized this Cameron guy sitting in one of the last tables at the very back of the place. He waved at us and made us a sign to go there. Matt led me where he was sitting and they did that boy thing with their hands.

He looked at me and I was stunned. He was so gorgeous. I could notice matt smirking beside us. We all sat down and some time after this mysterious girl showed up and kissed Matt in the lips. They literally spent all the night kissing passionately and telling each other cheesy things. Once in a while I caught Cameron staring at me and laughing when I blushed. He got up and held my hand.

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The person who’s in this photo does not look like anyone else, but feels very powerful and like a part of the universe. This guy in this photo is really, really good looking and different – seems to have very good shape. I love these kind of photos!

“Im not good at this y/n.” he says, “but you will go on a date with me?” Cameron- You had a lot of fun at magcon. You were super tired when you got him though.

Read Dating would include. Dating would include. Cameron: Magcon preferences dating would involve. But if anybody was on View date night before organising the middle of kisses protectiveness Carter reynolds. Here you’ll see preferences , lockscreens, fake texts and much more about old magcon and Omaha boys : Hope you like it,. Here you’ll see preferences , lockscreens, fake texts and much more.

Dirty Jack Gilinsky. Magcon imagine – Dating skathan would involve – Wattpad. Dating Hayes Grier would include … image. Read imagines camerondallas magcon matthew miss nash quotPosequot no. Mel – au memes – imagines – good vibes only – here to create whatever makes you happy. Welcome to my Magcon blog! I write imagines! These preferences will include , Cameron.


“Imagine dating one of the boys.” Leslie Loredo1D



Imagines: Shawn Mendes. Air *. Already Gone *. Anniversary Date * (smut). Awful singer *. Badass * remember my name? *. Cameron Dallas.


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